IHM Inspection

The purpose of IHM is to quantify and locate hazardous materials that are known to pose a potential hazard to humans and the environment on board ships. AQMA will send an IHM-qualified person and during the inspection, we will take physical and visual samples of ship components that may contain hazardous materials. The samples and are sent to an accredited laboratory for analysis whilst the findings are summarized in a report which will be handed to the class society for verification. The certificate is valid for five years at a time, and requires the shipowner to maintain IHM throughout the ship's lifetime.


AQMA has a self-developed system for handling IHM maintenance in accordance with the standards from the class companies. We will do the necessary work of obtaining documentation from the suppliers so that the shipping company can focus more on the general operations. An update will be sent on board to the current vessel with updated IHM maintenance on a regular basis. In the event of any port state control and/or classification of vessels, there are requirements for presenting the IHM certificate, as well as updated maintenance which consist of collected material declarations from suppliers, stating what type of material the specific component or purchased material contain.

From the 1st of January 2020 or from the period that the IHM certificate have been received on the specific vessel, IHM Part I must be maintained.  

IHM skal oppdateres hvis maskiner eller utstyr legges til, fjernes eller byttes ut. Alle relevante innkjøpsordrer skal gjennomgås. For den respektive komponenten/utstyret som byttes ut, skal det innhentes en MD (material deklarasjon) og/eller SDoC (leverandør deklarasjon) som dokumenteres i forhold til IHM standardene.  


  • • The conditions for part I maintenance: Materials found in the ship's structure or equipment. Fixed materials or equipment that are attached, eg in the form of welding, nailed or cemented. Cables and gaskets are also included in this definition 


  • Except:Releasedmounted equipment there is no need to list this in Part I. Loosely mounted equipment means equipment or materials that are present on board the ship under conditions other than "fixed" (eg: white / brown goods, beds, sofas, fire extinguishers, flares, lifebuoys or similar). There is also no need to obtain documentation for similar components / equipment.  


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