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Water quality

Infected drinking water is a growing problem in Norwegian vessels and maritime installations. With an ever-increasing fleet of sea-going vessels, rigs and other maritime installations, water is bunkered to a greater extent than before.
Several bunkering facilities along the coast supply water that is infected with legionella.
Getting Legionella in the water system on board a vessel can have major consequences for both crew and operation. 
We offer tailor-made solutions to overcome the problem.

The Legionella bacterium infects pipe and water installations, and has the potential for fatal symptoms. The bacterium is transmitted by inhaling small water droplets (aerosols) that can be formed from simple water-based devices such as air conditioning systems, cooling systems and shower systems. Legionnaires' disease is the most dangerous form of legionella disease, and you get a serious pneumonia that in a few hours can kill the person who is infected. Pontiac fever is another form of the bacterium that causes flu-like symptoms.


Sampling Quality

Requirements for drinking water appear from the drinking water regulations. In order to have control over this, systematic control of the drinking water on board is required. We offer continuous follow-up for bacteria-free and clean drinking water. This can be offered either in the form of an inspection or indicative self-effort.


Risk assessment

We assist with the performance of risk assessment so that all measures are in line with current regulations. Shipowner are according to legislation required to secure the facility against legionella transmission at all times. All measures, both preventive routines and other improvements, must be carried out on the basis of a risk assessment. "Preventive work involves conducting risk assessments, using these as a basis for necessary technical changes, establishing operation and maintenance routines on board, and verifying that the measures work satisfactorily.

Chemical Cleaning

Have you detected Legionella in your system? With the right knowledge and experience, we can assist with the right solution for the system. We help you get rid of the bacteria and reset the system. We treat the symptoms to get rid of the bacterium and find the root cause of why the problem occurred in order to avoid having a recurring problem.

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