What are we inspecting

  • We inspect the vessel for hazardous materials that may pose a health risk to humans, animals and the environment.


Where do we usually find hazardous material on board?


  • Where to find hazardous materials on board varies according to which vessel it applies. IMO has prepared an Indicative list, which describes what type of equipment and components that shall be checked onboard the vessel.


When must the vessel be approved?

  • By the end of 2020 all commercial vessels exceeding 500 groos tonnes visiting European ports, must have IHM-certification in place.


Who can perform the inspections?

  • A certified and approved HazMat expert is required. The inspection is often done in connection with dockings.


How long is the certificate valid?

  • The certificate is valid for five years. With good follow-up inspection and documentation of renewals, changes and replacements on board should not require a new inspection.

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